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Black Eyed Serenade

a taste sensation


Black-eyed beans have a smooth texture, pealike flavour and are good when mixed with other vegetables.



Black-eyed beans are rich in the best sort of fiber - soluble fiber - which helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body. They are a good source of folate, potassium, copper, phosphorous and manganese. As a high-potassium, low sodium food they help reduce blood pressure. Not only are they low in fat, but when combined with noodles, beans supply high quality protein which provides a healthy alternative to meat or other animal protein. Beans also contain protease inhibitors which frustrate the development of cancerous cells.


Mushrooms are one of the few good sources of vitamin B12 - very important for vegetarians and vegans. In addition, mushrooms are rich in potassium and phosphorous as well as protein and fiber. They are also exceptionally low in calories.


Seaweed, is a rich source of calcium, zinc and iodine. It is also a good source of Lignans which help fight cancer.



Black eyed beans (60%), mushrooms (5%), seaweed (5%), shallots (5%), lemon thyme, garlic, mirin, miso.


Serving Suggestions

Black Eyed Serenade is delicious with an udon or soba noodle. It also tastes great with buckwheat groats or with a biodynamic brown rice.


Fresh Additions

Black Eyed Serenade for non-vegetarians who wish to shift to a healthier diet. is great with fresh wild fish especially barramundi, plaice, sole, trevally and snapper.


Black Eyed Serenade

600 grms; Dinner for 2

300 grms: Single Serve


Vigna Unguiculata