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Hippocrates separated the discipline of medicine from philosophy and religion, believing and arguing that disease was not a punishment inflicted by the gods but rather the product of environmental factors, diet and living habits.

.…and from those things, when received into the body abundantly, there is no disorder nor dissolution of the powers belonging to the body; but
strength, growth, and nourishment result from them, and this for no
other reason than because they are well mixed, have nothing in them of
an immoderate character, nor anything strong, but the whole forms one
simple and not strong substance.


“Finnegans Wake” James Joyce

Shem was a sham and a low sham and his lowness creeped out first via foodstuffs. So low was he that he preferred Gibsen's tea-time salmon
tinned, as inexpensive as pleasing, to the plumpest roeheavy lax or the
friskiest parr or smolt troutlet that ever was gaffed between Leixlip
and Island Bridge and many was the time he repeated in his botulism that no junglegrown pineapple ever smacked like the whoppers you shook out of Ananias' cans.


Albert Einstein

…We live in a world of problems which can no longer
be solved by the level of thinking which created them…establishing
new constructs that take us forward requires perhaps something
beyond the tyranny of the rational mind.



Benevolence is Humanity- Confucius

Pod Cuisine believes that active benevolence towards one’s fellow human beings should be a benchmark and central tenant of commodity exchange.

The New South Wales Women's Refuge Movement (WRM) is a network of 57 women's refuges situated across New South Wales providing support and accommodation for women and children escaping domestic violence.

Pod facilitates the donation of healthy nourishing food to a local Women’s Refuge Resource Centre so that the women and children in crises experience community care as they begin to build a new life.

The link between mother and child is the most basic one in terms of food and it is important to highlight the vital role this plays in human bonding.