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Plant Protein: Vegan - Gluten Free - Low GI

Plant Protein Products

Chickpea Chansons de Geste
Bebop Black Bean Hotpot
Salad Black Bean Concerto  
Black- Eyed Serenade
Beluga-Balsamic Glissando
Lentil and Buckwheat Duet
Lentil Salad Symphony
Adzuki Mustard Melody

…eating for a healthy Ecosystem

Pod Cuisine works directly with growers where possible to source the legumes and other fresh ingredients.

Clara Mason is a farmer’s daughter and is interested in the soil from which the legumes are grown. Legumes grow very successfully in Australia but most of the chickpeas go directly to India and the buckwheat is exported to Japan.

Sara Grenfell has developed recipes for a western palate using legumes. Pod is a partnership working to ensure that more of this premium produce ends up on Australian tables.

Protein is a vital part of our diet and we have become dependant on animal protein to the detriment of our health and our environment. Pod Cuisine gives you plant protein in many nutritious and delicious forms.


All tastes have a function in the selection of food and need to be the real guide to our food as medicine. We are all familiar with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Only recently have taste receptors on the tongue been identified, which allowed umami to be officially classified as the 5th taste.  It is a taste that gives many vegetables a "meaty" taste. Umami (glutamate) indicates the presence of amino acids, i.e. proteins. The molecular structure of the glutamate receptor on the tongue is similar to the glutamate receptor in our brain that guarantees fast neurotransmission by the neurotransmitter L-glutamate.

Plant Protein that grows in pods can give people the umami taste they crave with real nourishment if cooked with certain ingredients and in the right way and this is our focus with POD. Glutamate (umami) is the most manipulated flavour in the food industry and linked to empty calories bastardizes the tongue as a taste guide for the healthy biostasis of our bodies. Legumes are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.

Pod Cuisine

Pod is interested to engage everyone’s taste buds with the great variety of legumes which grow in pods, hence our name.  All Pod Cuisine products are vegan, gluten free and have a low glycemic index. Most importantly every product is high in plant protein and so allows you the consumer to have real choice in the combination of foods that you eat.

We hope that the great taste of Pod Cuisine food will be the main reason that you include plant protein in your diet. Even if you only do so one day a week you will soon feel the benefits.

We are delighted to have your feed-back and ideas so please contact us:


Pod needs to be stored in the fridge at the normal temperature of 4 degrees. Be guided by the date on the label about the shelf life.

You also have the option of freezing many Pod recipes so that you have the convenience of a healthy meal option even if you have been too busy to go shopping.

Pod left at room temperature will eventually start to ferment. This is a completely safe, natural process but it means the beans start to go fizzy. Sometimes, in cases of rapid fermentation, there will be a build up of gas and the container with a clip on lid may become hard or bloated. In order to release the pressure hold the container over the kitchen sink and open slowly and carefully to avoid any splashing.